Successful Project Delivery


Over the years I’ve found out that having proper tools for delivering projects is the key to successful project delivery. Lets first look at what are some of the key factors during a project. Every IT project, be it a WordPress or any other tool that’s implemented for that matter, is basically the same and success is measured if the project was delivered on time according to the specifications that were stated upfront. I’ve created a system containing certain CRM/project delivery system features. The goal being easier collaboration and more transparent delivery process. Here is how it works:

Most of the WordPress projects I work on start with a client contacting me with a brief (sometimes not so brief) description of what they would like done. This information is automatically fed into my custom system in the way that a lead is generated. I then review the specs and decide if I think I’m a good fit for the project and if I can fit it into my schedule I organize a call where I try to collect additional information. This is also where the potential client is able to ask questions and the goal is to clear all unknowns (there should be no black boxes once the project is agreed). The call usually takes 30-60 minutes.

After the call statement of work, a quote and a project plan containing dates for project start, delivery milestones and when it’s expected to be completed. This is mostly agreed over email and once an agreement is made a project is  (project is basically a contract) which contains:

  • Statement or work– what is the extent of services delivered and what is the outcome
  • Requirement – contractor but also client
  • Project plan – agenda of the project which includes start date, milestone dates and date of the final delivery
  • Terms and conditions – payment terms, terms of use of deliverables

After the project is in the system it should be common you get some access to the system where you’re able to automatically look at all the contract parts as described above. If that is satisfactory you should approve and the the contractor can start working on your project. Once the project is accepted the contract is considered to be signed. The contract is valid once the advance payment which is usually 50 % of the initial quote is paid. Once the payment is received I start working on the project and the goal is to follow the milestones in the project plan. The client is able to track the progress because I either have deliveries to the client in form of documents, or a certain part of the website is finished for user to review/test it. The process is transparent and the client is able to follow milestones once logged in the delivery system.

Once, I’m done, I’ll put up a link of the finished project on my server where you’re able to review if everything is according to the agreed and accepted statement of work. This testing period usually lasts for about five days and there is a tracking system where you’re able to report issues/bugs. During this period the clients usually publish pages/posts or (if that’s part of the agreed scope) I’ll migrate it for the client from their existing website and once we clear out the issues and the remaining amount has been paid I migrate the website to the hosting environment of choice.