Streak for Task Management


Streak LogoIn my series covering the different task management applications¬†I wrote about Trello and now I’m going to write about Streak. Streak wasn’t in the original post and a visitor who read the original article sent me a link so that’s how I found it. Just because it wasn’t part of the first article, doesn’t mean I wouldn’t test it. Quite the contrary, the goal of the original article was to get insight what other people were using and I’m so glad I found Streak as it proved to be an excellent application in the making. It’s a startup company from YCombinator which was an additional reason to try it out.

Streak is advertised as a CRM but can be used for multiple purposes. It’s a very easy to use and configurable application. One of the key advantages is it’s integrated with Gmail so once you install the application, it’s actually in your inbox. This goes along my line the application should get out of the way and Streak certainly¬†does. It resides where all of us spend a lot of our time every day – email.

Streak is depending on Gmail (Google Apps is fine) and you need to install a Chrome extension in order for the magic to work and it to appear in your Gmail interface. Once it does you need to approve it integrating with your account. Once you log in to your email you’ll get a prompt where you can create new pipelines. Pipelines are basically pre-configured flows for various tasks you want to do in Streak. Some examples are Sales/CRM, Hiring, Journalism, Product Development, Bug Tracking, etc. Once you get the hang of it you can easily create your own pipelines or modify existing ones based on your preferences and how your process looks like.

Creating and sending templates is really a breeze with Streak and it’s easy to send them all within the same interface. One of the things I found missing was it’s not yet integrated to the calendar so due dates are awkward as they are not added to your calendar. I emailed the support and asked about this and that is coming in a future release.

Overall, the whole idea is great and I’m looking forward to future releases of Streak as it has so much potential and the concept of having everything within Gmail is just killer and I’ll continue to follow Streak development. Streak is still in beta and free so why don’t you try it out for your self. Let me know if you like it.


  1. Yamini Sharma says

    Nice series. It is always difficult to choose the right PM app.

    In my experience, most PM tools are really generic and built for everyone. As a marketer, I personally prefer Brightpod – It has some neat features for marketing teams and is dead simple to use. You should check it out.

    • For me, I need a generic and configurable app as I don’t want to be using different tools for all my tasks. I prefer to keep it simple and within one tool. For someone dealing with marketing, I see why they would use a task management app that is specific.
      Thanks for your comment and I’ll check out Brightpod.