EmirMy name is Emir Musabasic. I’m a curios mind and I like to learn. I enjoy the creative aspects of web development, especially minimalist, clean and easy to use websites/apps. On my personal page, I write about tech in general, web development/design, startups and related topics. I write about stuff I encounter and sometimes document in order to hopefully be helpful to someone else. .

About emke.net

This website is my attempt of trying to leave some kind of mark and to help out others in pursuit for information on how to create and promote things that matter (be it an app, website or a company). I’m not trying to appear like I’ve made it. I’ve struggled and to some extent, I still am so writing here helps me put things into perspective.

On a personal note

I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina where I grew up and lived for the first ten years of my life. Then my family moved to Sweden where I finished primary school. In 1997 we moved back to Bosnia and Herzegovina where I finished my secondary school. In 2000 I again moved to Sweden where I worked as a web developer and studied as Stockholm University School of Business. In 2006 I was offered a job at Oracle. Since then I have lived and worked in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Slovenia. I am now with another company and am currently in Dublin, Ireland. Living in different places significantly changed my life for the better. I also met my wife on one of my trips and we have been together ever since.


I hold a bachelor degree in Business Administration and Economics from the Stockholm University School of Business where I have just a little bit left to do in order to get my master degree. The reason why I chose to study Business is I’ve been working and playing with computers since I was 10 years old when I got my first PC and I wanted to do something else. Overall, I would say this is something that’s been one of my key characteristics that I’ve identified over the years – I’m a person that would rather deal with many different things than focus on only one area.




This page wouldn’t be complete without showing of the family pet. Krpica (Tissue in English) is our dog and is a breed mixture my wife found on the streets of Sarajevo. It makes her even more unique. While all pet owners are proud of their pets and feel they are special we can for certain say Krpica is one of a kind and getting a similar dog is not possible. There is only one Krpica.

Get in touch

If you have a question or similar, contact me. I look forward to hearing from you. I’m also on Twitter, Linkedin and Quora.